Sunday, 25 March 2018

Preparation for Shikoku - kit list

I've just remembered that in a previous post I promised to post our kit list. Now I've written it down I am not sure that publishing it is a good idea (cue howls of laughter/derision...)

It seems like a very long list of stuff. Anyway here goes:

Joint kit

Tent - Hilleberg Rogen 2 person + footprint

Mick carrying footprint and tent
Ellie carrying poles and pegs

(People that know me will recall that as Mick and I have had a bumpy time recently I was determined to carry my own tent just in case we fall out. It was to be my insurance. Well, for better or for worse, he has talked me out of it and so we are, as originally planned, sharing the load of one two person tent between us.  Lets see how that works out.)


Osprey 68 litre rucksack
Sleeping bag - Yeti Vib250
Silk liner
Exped 50 Litre drysack
Thermarest Prolite bedmat extra small
Polystyrene bedroll
cheap cycle jacket (to be discarded as it gets warmer)
Montane windjammer jacket (VI Trail series)
Montbell trailhiker trousers with detachable legs
Montane Terra lightweight trousers
Steiner long sleeve silk baselayer
Mountain Warehouse medium weight t-shirt
Mountain Warehouse lightweight t-shirt
Montane Atomic shell lightweight over trousers
Sea to Summit Ultra Nanosil poncho
small travel towel
2 pairs hipster underpants (no buttons)
2 pairs Bridgedale light hiker socks
lightweight gloves
Mosquito headnet
Sunday Afternoons Adventure hat
Leki carbon walking poles
Salomon X-Alp shoes
Weirdfish flipflops

Sawyer Mini water filter kit
2 x 3 metres of 2mm cord + 12 small safety pins
Edelrid piranha lockknife (2 inch blade)
Henro bell and whistle on carabiner

Sea to Summit ultraseal 20 litre stuffsack (doubles as a pillow and a daysack)
Sea to Summit lightweight 13 litre bag
Expred drybag small yellow 5 litre
Montbell lightweight shoulderbag

Spanish phrasebook (to learn Spanish for the Camino, Mick's next walk)

Samsung S9+ smartphone.
USB charging lead
Suunto titamium Spartan Ultra ultra watch + mini USB charging lead
Synchwire 4 USB socket adapter plug
Lightweight headphones
Petzl e-lite mini headlight +2x CR2032 batteries
Lumo mini light

Soto triple mix gas 230g
Soto micro regulator stove (self-igniting)
MSR stabilising footrest
Montbell titanium lightweight mug (large)

indigestion tablets
diarrhoea tablets
Ibuprofen tablets
Ibuprofen gel 100g
Flucloxacillin BP 28 capsules
fine fishing line
tick remover
variafocal sun glasses
regular variafocal glasses
fabric glasses case
2 x razors
electronic  anti-histamine zapper
Incognito insect repellent 100ml
Nivea lipbalm
Repair tape
3 x micropur tape
Lightweight squeegee (for wiping down tent)
Magnesium tablets in small plastic pot
Dental floss
Wetwipes 25 pack


Exped drybag small yellow


Osprey 68 litre (short version) rucksack
Sleeping bag - Yeti VIB250 small
Exped 50 Litre drysack
Thermarest Prolite bedmat extra small
Polystyrene bedroll
Montbell lightweight rain jacket
Hooded sweatshirt (to be discarded as it gets warmer
Steiner longsleeve silk baselayer
Trespass summer walking trousers with detachable legs
Nike runners T-shirt (lightweight)
Standard T-shirt (medium weight)
Montbell lightweight over trousers
Exped poncho
small travel towel
2 pairs knickers
2 x bras
2 x pairs Bridgedale light hiker socks
Lightweight gloves
Mosquito headnet
Sunday Afternoons Adventure hat
Montbell carbon walking poles
Lowa Taurus GTX mid boots
Weirdfish flipflops

Sawyer Mini walter filter kit
1x 2 metres cord plus 8 s

Sea to Summit Nano 13 litre drysack
Exped small drybag 5 litre
Sea to Summit Ultra drybag 2 litre
Montbell lightweight shoulder bag
fabric bicycle clips for fastening trousers

Japanese Phrasebook
Shikoku 88 Temple Guidebook
Japanese Pilgrimage Oliver Statler (paperback)
Small notebook
2 x biro pens

Montbell aluminium mug
Sea to Summit titanium spork with long handle

Microsoft Surface Pro laptop
Felt laptop case
Olympus Tough TG-4 camera
Camera case and spare battery
Nokia 3310 retro phone (back up with long standby time)
USB charging leads x2
Laptop charging lead
4 socket usb charger plug
Petzl e+lite micro headlight
mini light + cell batteries

Incognito insect repellent 100ml
Coconut oil 50gm
Hypertension tablets
mini razor
compressible water bottle x 2

Variafoical sunglasses
foldaway reading glasses
ordinary reading glasses (may throw away)

Name cards

Bag of coffee
Bag of tea

Lets see how much of this gets chucked along the way...


  1. Well certainly seems quite a lot of stuff but since you'll be camping guess you'll need more stuff. My backbag isn't even that big so unless yours has plenty of spare space it wouldn't even fit to mine! How much stuff that weighs per person roughly?

  2. Hi Timo, our packs weigh about 10kg each, that' sharing the tent. As you may know, I have had a knee injury since I posted this so I think the pack should have been lighter. Also as the temperature increases the pack feels heavier...various items have been discarded so far including the sweatshirt, 1 t-shirt, 1 pair of reading glasses, 1 charging plug, Oliver Statler book and the coconut oil...