Who's who

Depending on how you arrived at my blog, it occured to me that the identity of some of the characters  may not be obvious. So - on the off chance that you stay on my blog long enough to be remotely interested and to save you having to dig about to find out  - I thought it may help if I list the main cast. 

Me - simply navigate to the About page and that will tell you all that you need to know and quite a lot that you don't.

Anne - my sixteen year old daughter. Unlikely to come out on any walks or rides with me because:
a) they are too long and,
b) they are too boring.

Mick - good friend and my "partner in crime" on the Land's End to John O'Groats bike ride. Sometime companion on walks and cycle rides. Captain of the narrowboat John Damsell.

Val - Mick's sister

Vince - Val's partner and newby boating fanatic

Yvonne - another good friend of mine who is kind enough to come along with me on some of my walks, although after the Dyrham Park Episode (November 2011) I may need to resort to bribery.

Alfie - Yvonne's very lovely West Highland Terrier. Loves a good walk.

Katie - My sister. Is sometimes kind enough to accompany me, particularly if the walk is likely to include a pub stop.

Richard - My brother. He will only accompany me if I guarantee the walk includes several pub stops.

Millie - Katie's very lovely and exuberant dog. Lives life at 100 miles an hour.